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March 13, 2007


phillip c neal dds

i have been dispensing valium for patients for over 25 years on anxious patients. I have used nitrous oxide for 20 years. I have never had an incident with either drug. Many patients would not go to the dentist due to thir anxiety, and we will lose these people to the oral surgeon where they can have extractions rater than optimal care.

B. Thomas Wheeler DDS

It's wrong it will only rise the cost of dentisty for the patient. I will not improve patient safety or care. Increase education opportunities for the GP don't demand it.


chi-chean FOO bds

If our medical colleaqes allow their general practitioners to prescribe and dispense conscious sedation medication, wouldnt it appear strange, funny if not outright ludicrous if we do not?
on what grounds are we basing our proposed action?


Specialists would not gain anything from the patients I sedate doing general dentistry. Highly anxious operative patients, and those who simply cannot afford a specialists fees are grateful that I can make them more comfortable and overcome their anxiety.


After the brutal, bad and down right nasty dentist I have been to, it is necessary to give me something. I am to the point of walking in like a cowboy with a 357 and saying -- you hurt me ... I shoot. I went to my present dentist...and tears rolled down my face and my claws into his chair. He ask me if he was hurting me; I replied NO. My past haunted me... days before the office visit. I am suprised I didn't have a heart attack while there. Blood pressre was sky high...too. After a few pain free, relaxed visits... I can almost go without fear. If I feel anything... I am now all over the situation. I can take a lot of pain... but what I endured was non-human. I am totally far the dentist being able to comfort the patient in ANY way possible. Train and allow the general dentest to do what he needs to do for his patient.

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